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Frequently Asked Questions

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The majority of your new tattoos healing process will be done within the first two weeks. However, the skin is still working to heal and rejuvenate and you need to plan on a 4-6 weeks for your skin to be back to its previous state.

As the skin rejuvenates itself, usually about a week after the tattoo was done, the itch sets in. This is 100% normal. Good moisturizers will help immensely with this but DO NOT SCRATCH IT! If lotion isn’t helping, run it under cold water for a few moments and you should be itch free.


If your tattoo is covered with Second Skin, you should keep the second skin on for 4-5

days. During this time, it is normal to see some fluid build up beneath the second skin. (If the

second skin begins to leak, you must remove the second skin and follow the standard

aftercare instructions listed below). After 3-4 days, remove the second skin gently under warm

running water. To take the second skin off you must stretch from each side rather than peel it

off like a Bandaid. When you stretch the second skin it allows the adhesive to come off the

skin without disrupting the tattoo and taking any ink with it. Wash the tattoo with a mild, fragrance-free soap or warm water (6. on the standard aftercare) At this point, your tattoo

should be well into the healing process - you may use an unscented, non-greasy lotion (like

Hustle Butter, E45, Eucerin Aquaphor or Aveeno Unscented moisturizer) to keep the tattoo

moisturized. DO NOT moisturize your tattoo with Vaseline – this does not let the skin and the

new tattoo breathe.


1. Leave covering on for 2-3 hours or as instructed by your artist. 2. Wash your hands well with soap before touching your new tattoo. 3. After the covering is removed, wash your tattoo with warm water and a mild, fragrance-free

soap. Remove all existing vaseline, plasma/excess ink with your fingertips gently. Do not use

anything abrasive to clean your new tattoo. 4. Rinse and pat dry with a disposable paper towel or let air dry. 5. Wash tattoo twice a day (morning and night) until your tattoo is completely healed. Do

not over-wash. Regular showering is fine. Do not submerge (soak) the tattoo for an extended

amount of time until it has healed - this includes baths and swimming. 6. Over the next few days (usually about 3 days) the tattoo will become flaky, dry, and tight. Use a fragrance-free, non-greasy lotion 1-2 times a day sparingly. Rub lotion in until it is fully

absorbed into your skin. Do not over-moisturize. If a scab forms, it will be the color of the ink

used. This does not mean the ink is going to fall out. Leave the scabs and let them fall off

naturally. Do not pick or scratch the area. The tattoo may appear dull until it has completely

healed - this is normal and will go away after a few weeks. Wear loose fitting clothing over the


SOAPS TO USE · Mild, fragrance-free soap: Aveeno Fragrance Free Soap, Simple, Dove.

LOTIONS TO USE · Non-greasy, fragrance-free, dye-free moisturizing lotion: Hustle Butter, Cetaphil, Aveeno

Unscented Moisturizer, Tattoo Goo, E45, Eucerin Aquaphor.

DO NOT! · Do not use anything on the tattoo other than what is previously recommended. · Do not pick, peel, or scratch your new tattoo. · Do not under any circumstance use rubbing alcohol, peroxide, or cortisone on your new

tattoo. · Do not use sponges, washcloths, or anything abrasive while cleaning your tattoo. They

harbor bacteria and may irritate or harm your tattoo. · Do not let anyone touch your new tattoo. · Do not go in a lake, tub, pool, etc. These all contain bacteria. · Do not expose your new tattoo to direct sunlight. This includes tanning beds. A high SPF

sunscreen will protect the crispness/longevity of your tattoo in the future.

Remember to keep your tattoo out of the sun for the first few weeks of healing (at least 3

weeks). When the tattoo is completely healed apply a good SPF sunscreen on the tattoo to

prevent fading.

Enjoy your new tattoo! If you


For tattoos, we can tattoo age 18+  (birth certificate as well as photo IDs  - these are required for anything we do)

We always encourage people to book an appointment for tattoos of any size. First, this guarantees you will get in at a certain time without potentially waiting for hours. Second, it gives our artists the chance to draw your new tattoo so that it’s 100% unique to you. For smaller tattoos, if we have openings feel free to try to walk in.

Don’t be. Seriously, if you’re late to your appointment it will throw our schedule off for the day.

We’ve only ever had two people do this and it’s a terrible idea. If you no-show we will keep your deposit. That means your tattoo, if you do get it, will cost you 150% of what it should have cost.


It’s more important to be comfortable than to be fashionable. Looser is better than tighter, and keep in mind you want to be able to cover up certain places that might show, depending on where you're getting your tattoo.

First thing, come talk to us. The best large pieces always BEGIN with a cohesive plan, not just bits and pieces loosely tied together. We can do a sleeve or back piece with existing work in place, but it will ALWAYS look better when you come in with a plan and allow the same artist to help bring that plan to fruition for you. Along those same lines, it’s going to take multiple session and cost you $1,000 or more dollars to even come close to doing a sleeve. So plan ahead and save your money so that you can tackle these large pieces as they are investments and commitments.

You should not get tattooed when you are:

  • Drunk
  • High
  • Pregnant
  • Pre-Surgery
  • Post-Surgery
  • When you don’t know what you want
  • When you can’t afford it
  • When you’re sunburned
  • When you haven’t showered
  • When you have your kids with you
  • If you don’t have an ID
  • Being pressured into it
  • When you’ve been told by us that your idea is bad

Often we will have hours of work in drawing and preparing for a tattoo before you sit down in our chair. Deposits help to ensure you make it to your appointment and that we haven’t done hours of work for nothing.

Our shop minimum is £75. You might not realize it, but we go through nearly the same amount of very expensive supplies to do a tattoo the size of a quarter as we do for a tattoo the size of a softball. Everything has to be sterilized, before and after.

You should ALWAYS tip those who provide services for you. Whether it’s your barber/hairstylist, waiter, or the kids with a lemonade stand down the street, if they provide you a service you should tip them. This includes your tattoo artist.

We LOVE to give stuff away. It makes us feel good. In our first year we gave away 10% of our gross income to our community. We charge what we do because we are creating unique art that will last your entire life.

Will It Hurt?1

A tattoo is probably a 3/10. The best comparison would be to getting a scratch on a sunburn or to having someone draw on you with a ball-point pen on a sunburn. It doesn’t feel good, but it’s more of an intermittent irritation than a constant pain. Remember, a tattoo has more in common with an abrasion than it does with a hypodermic needle shot from the doctor.